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If you get injured at your workplace or while performing job-related duties, the aftermath can be stressful and confusing, particularly when you need to file a Delaware workers’ compensation claim right away.

If you’re out of work, the DE job injury claims process can be even more overwhelming. For this reason especially and to protect your Delaware Work Injury Law Rights, it is essential to seek free workplace injury advice from the best local no fee workers’ compensation attorney to help at 855-633-0888, so you can quickly get the benefits and maximum compensation you’re entitled to under current state law.

Getting hurt on the job can be very stressful. Suddenly, you are out of work, no income, but those bills keep coming in. For the most part, you cannot sue your employer unless you can prove there was gross negligence on the part of the employer. But what if it was just an accident? In these cases, you can file for workers’ compensation, but you may need to consult an attorney.

We know what you are thinking… attorney means money, and a lot of it. That is not the case here. You can consult with a no-win, no-fee workers’ compensation attorney in Delaware. If they do not win the claim for you, they don’t get paid. Best of all, the consultation is also free of charge, so you have zero risk just to sit down and talk with the attorney.

Finding the Best Delaware Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

As we noted above, the consultation you have with any workers’ compensation attorney in Delaware should be free of charge. You have to view this as a personal injury case in terms of compensation for the attorney. He or she will have a brief meeting with you to go over the case. Based on that meeting, the attorney will decide if they want to take the case or not.

That being said, when you go this meeting, you will want to be as prepared as possible, meaning that you are able to supply the attorney with as much information as possible to make an informed decision about the case.

What to Bring When you go to your Initial Consultation

  • Detailed report about the injury (where it happened, how it happened, conditions at the time of the accident, etc.)
  • Copies all workplace accident report
  • Witness statements or witness contact information
  • A copy of all current employee records
  • At least two recent paystubs before the accident
  • Supervisor contact information
  • Name and address of your workplace
  • Medical providers contact information
  • All medical records related to accident and treatment
  • All medical bills that have been accumulated so far

The attorney will be asking you a lot of questions to understand the possible claim, but you will eventually have the opportunity to ask questions as well. When that time comes, here are few of the questions you will want to have answered:

  • Which attorney will be representing you in the case (if you are talking to a firm)?
  • How long has the attorney been practicing workers’ compensation law?
  • How successful has the attorney/firm been in these cases?
  • Can you have references?
  • Is that attorney your main point of contact or is there someone else?
  • Are there any possible fees for which you would be responsible if the claim is denied?

Once you decide on an attorney, there are a few more questions that will need to be asked before signing a commitment form:

  • How much will you receive once the claim has been processed?
  • How long will it take to receive benefits?
  • At what point are you no longer eligible to receive benefits?
  • How much are the contingency fees for the attorney?
  • Is that fee paid out of every payment?
  • Are your benefits taxable?
  • Is a Spouse Entitled to Workers’ Comp Settlement?
  • Can you claim the fee from the attorney as a tax deduction?
  • Can you use your own doctor or do you have to use doctors mandated by the employer’s workers compensation insurance?

Current Workers Compensation Rates in Delaware

Effective July 1, 2022, the current maximum benefit per week for Delaware workers’ compensation is $822.70. The minimum benefit is $274.24. Your actual award will depend upon your current salary, which you can discuss with the attorney.

How Are Attorney Fees Established?

Most attorneys will have a standard fee for workers’ compensation, but that fee may be lessened based on the difficulty of the case. If the attorney does not have to spend a lot of time on the case and the claim is quickly approved, you may find yourself receiving a discounted rate compared to the normal fee structure. Again, this is something to specifically discus with the attorney.

Ready to Hire a Delaware Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

If you are still “iffy” about hiring an attorney, why not consult with the attorney? Remember, the initial consultation is free of charge, so this is a risk-free meeting for you. At the very least, the attorney will give you a far better understanding of the process as well as how difficult he or she expects the case to be.

To schedule your free consultation with a Delaware workers’ compensation attorney, give us a call at 855-633-0888.

Once you have reported the work injury, Delaware Board Certified workers’ compensation attorney offices in every county always advise contacting a free expert job injury lawyer in the neighborhood to handle the legal complexities of filing a claim in county court.

Hiring a local workplace injury lawyer will often make the difference between whether you get full lawsuit claim compensation or not, so it is always in a victim’s best interest to seek immediate trusted legal help in the area.

Don’t take any chances with your claim when you get hurt at work or performing job duties—contact the best no fee work injury attorney in:

Bethany Beach
Camden Wyoming
Delaware City
Dover Afb

Fenwick Island

New Castle

Ocean View
Port Penn
Rehoboth Beach
Saint Georges

When you need expert, free workmans comp attorney help with a work injury claim in Delaware, you can trust the best local no fee workplace injury attorney offices at Injury Law Rights.

Our top neighborhood Board Certified pro bono workplace injury lawyers in Delaware are available 24 hours daily to provide free advice when you get hurt on the job with trusted attorney guidance necessary to navigate a local workers’ compensation case in county court. Contact us today 24/7 for immediate information regarding your pending job injury claim.

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