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When we visit a doctor for any reason, we assume we are going to get the best care available. Sadly, that is not always the case. Doctors are, after all, human, and they do make mistakes. Unfortunately, when they do make mistakes, it is our health and our life that is impacted. It goes much further too, as these mistakes can and often do result in financial hardships from loss of work and even more medical bills. If you believe you have a medical malpractice lawsuit, we are here to provide you with an attorney that will get you the settlement you deserve.

Finding the Right Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Finding a good attorney is just like finding a good doctor. There are lots of choices, but only a few right ones. Medical malpractice cases are very complicated on so many levels, so you want to ensure you find an experienced attorney that has a long record of successful cases in this field. We encourage you to research attorneys in your area and compare them to our team because we know our talented lawyers will come out on top.

Where to Start

First and foremost, when you do an online search, you are going to be inundated with the names of attorneys all promising you they can win the case. The first step in narrowing down these choices is to separate plaintiff attorneys from defense attorneys. Generally speaking, in this particular field, medical malpractice attorneys will specialize in either defending the doctors or working on behalf of the injured party (the plaintiff).

As you start looking through the attorney rosters, look deep into the background of the attorney to make sure he or she has the experience undoubtedly being touted on his or her website. In some cases, you will find attorneys that previously practiced medicine, giving them a clear edge over other attorneys.

You should also check out profiles on sites like the American Bar Association and The National Trial Lawyers. This will give you a far more complete picture of their skill level and history in cases similar to yours. You can also look at professional online review sites as well as their Google reviews. Together, you should be able to get a fairly accurate picture of the attorneys you are considering.

What Your Attorney Will Need?

Before you settle on an attorney to represent you, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. You will need to supply the attorney with as much information as possible to ensure a positive verdict in the case.

For example, you will need to supply:

  • All medical records pertaining to the injury (your attorney can assist with this)
  • Mental health records
  • Prescription drug history
  • Insurance information
  • Medical bills and invoices
  • Lost wagers information
  • Any documentation received from the doctor you are suing

Making the Decision

When you have your information and are ready to sit down and talk with an attorney, it is probably best to talk in person to ensure you are comfortable with the individual that will be representing you in this case. In most cases, the attorney will be working on a contingency, so it will not cost you anything to discuss your case and you are under no obligation to use his or her services until you sign on as a client.

In some instances, clients are handed off to other attorneys. Make sure you get assurances from your attorney that he or she will be the one representing you at all times as well as being your contact. If other attorneys or paralegals will be involved in the case, ask to meet them now so you can be comfortable with the team that will be representing you.

Here are some questions you can ask during the in-person interview:

  • Can he or she provide you with previous client references?
  • Exactly who is going to be assigned to your case?
  • How much experience does he or she have in this field?
  • What types of resources will the firm be able to provide to ensure a positive outcome?
  • What role will you plan in the case?
  • How is payment going to be handled (meaning the percentages for both you and the attorney – make sure all costs are reimbursed BEFORE the attorney gets his or her share)?
  • Has the attorney ever been disciplined by the Bar Association?
  • Make it clear you have the final say in any settlement offer
  • Clarify how payment is made, if the attorney will be handling upfront costs for witnesses, investigations, etc.

This is a significant and very important decision, and we want to make sure you feel very confident in your attorney. So, if you are in need of a medical malpractice lawyer, please give us a call at 855-633-0888 to discuss your case. Remember, your consultation is free of charge and you are under no obligation to use our services until you are confident and comfortable with being represented by our firm. If you would like to learn more about our legal services, please click here.

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