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Injury Law Rights attorneys are specialists in every type of personal injury litigation case throughout the country. By carefully reviewing the evidence, documents and details around a personal injury accident, our top-rated injury lawyers will help advise a victim what options they have to obtain maximum compensation.

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What Type Of Injury Do You Have From Your Accident?


Anxiety is a medical condition that needs to be treated from an accident

Back or Neck Pain

Back or Neck pain is common with auto accidents and can have a life long affect

Broken Bones

Broken bones can cause extremely high hospital costs and we fight to recover all your losses


Concussion injuries can have long term consequences and must be treated over many months

Car Accident FAQ's

The best advantage of a free accident case review, is the expert local lawyer reviewing the details will then be in an informed position to accurately calculate how much settlement money you can expect as well as how soon you will receive it.

It is important to know that until an accident review happens to know the facts of the case, no attorney can make a specific estimate about an accident claim settlement payout.

A free accident case review will also factor in extra compensation to be added to the total car accident settlement amount you will receive based on your pain and suffering, your bills, and including your lost wages.

Since every car accident claim will have different details about the collision circumstances, there is no set univeral time period for getting compensation that applies to every person's own unique case. On average, it can take as little as 4 weeks to over 12 months from the date a claim was filed until a victim receives a final settlement payout.

However, many people now opt to get their compensation immediately with a car accident settlement advance. This is a risk-free cash advance for the estimated value of a pending auto accident settlement case. A person will receive their settlement advance in less than 48 hours.

Repayment is contingent upon your case's settlement or accident lawsuit trial money. What this means is, even if for some reason you lose your accident case after you received compensation in advance, you will not have to pay back the settlement advance money.

Always take advantage of our free accident review, so a lawyer can take care of this settlement advance process for you and advise you if this is the best option for your own case.

In most auto wreck claim cases, the at fault driver of a vehicle who causes a car accident is legally liable for any damages or injuries caused by the crash.

However, there are vehicle accident circumstances when this is not always the case. For example, if the at fault driver of the car is not the owner of the vehicle, you could file a lawsuit claim for damages or an injury against more than one individual, such as the company of the at fault driver if they caused the accident while on the job.

A free car accident claim review will immediately help you because an attorney is then able to clearly identify every person or company who is at fault and inform you of who all can be held legally responsible to financially cover your damages and injuries, while protecting your rights to file a lawsuit for a maximum settlement after a car crash.

Injury Law Rights attorneys have successfully helped claimants with all types of accident cases involving catastrophic injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Our continuing track record of success achieves maximum settlement awards for auto, motocycle, truck, bicycle accidents and much more.

It is who we are as specialists in this field of injury law, and our empathy for victims more than anything, that separates us from other attorneys. Every Injury Law Rights lawyer exclusively practices in this field, so they can devote their entire legal focus on victim's rights to secure the most compensation award under the law.

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"Once I contacted Injury Law Rights, my attorney nearest my location took care of everything when it came to the accident details, phone calls, emergency numbers, all of it. The case was handled very smoothly. I really appreciated them through the whole injury compensation settlement process."


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