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    Vehicle insurance rules and dishonest insurance companies can significantly complicate the claim process of getting maximum compensation for injured motorcyclist riders. For this primary reason, it is crucial for any injured motorcyclist, or family member acting on an injury victim's behalf, to get free legal advice from the nearest top motorcycle accident lawyer who has the most experience in handling motorcyclist injury claims.

    Our local specialist motorcycle accident attorneys at Injury Law Rights have a successful record of handling claims against insurance companies and winning top settlement awards for rider injuries sustained in a motorcycle collisions. While every rider's accident case is different and monetary compensation amount will vary, our expert motorcycle lawyers are dedicated to helping motorcyclists receive maximum compensation settlements for any losses - which often includes covering medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

    The bottom line is when a rider has been involved in a motorcycle accident, an injury victim has a legal right to compensation after getting hurt. To learn more about how Injury Law Rights motorcycle lawyers can immediately help, please fill out our no cost injury review form today so our attorneys can have the accident details necessary to provide accurate answers about getting a settlement award for a specific claim.

    As riders already know more than anyone, there is nothing more freeing than the fresh air and two wheels on the open road. Unfortunately, far too many other drivers sharing the road are not paying attention or distracted around motorcycles, which often is the primary cause of biker accidents and rider injuries.

    Any rider hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by another person's negligence, the local motorcycle accident attorneys at Injury Law Rights will help victims get the maximum amount of compensation for a motorcycle injury under the law. Our top-rated accident compensation lawyers know injured riders will face expensive medical bills and a long period of recovery form not being able to work, and why we help ensure every victim of a motorcycle accident gets the highest compensation award as quickly as possible. Contact us 24/7 at (855) 633-0888 or fill out a free injury review form, and our legal team will be able to immediately answer any questions about how to get the most amount of compensation after a motorcycle accident happens.

    Review What Causes Motorcycle Accident Injuries to Happen Most Often

    No matter how safe motorcycle riders are on the road, there are still many common reasons why accidents happen that lead to injury to both riders and passengers alike, such as:

    Drivers Not Paying Attention for Motorcyclists, Distracted Drivers

    The smaller profile of motorcycles compared to other vehicles on the road makes bikers more difficult for many cars and trucks to see, which already increases the chances of an accident happening. Furthermore, the odds of getting in a motorcycle accident are drastically increased when other drivers are not paying close attention to their surroundings, or distracted on a phone talking or texting while driving. Every year, several thousands of motorcycle accidents are caused across the country due to distracted drivers turning in front of motorcycles, all because of the fact the other driver did not see the rider in the first place.

    Bad Road Conditions and Safety Hazards

    Throughout every state in the country, the local county government is responsible for keeping every public road in good drivable condition. Their duty for public safety on local roadways includes keeping streets free from preventable hazards such as potholes, and loose asphalt or gravel, which obviously is a serious danger for even the most experienced motorcycle rider.

    Poor Communication

    Motorcyclists commonly ride together in groups on the road. However, riders traveling in groups are supposed to have good communication among one another, in order to help minimize the chances of fellow riders from colliding or merging into another motorcyclist's lane of travel without warning.

    Do Helmet Laws Matter?

    Under many states 2020 motorcycle laws, several locations today now have helmet laws which means every motorcycle rider is required to wear a helmet when riding on any public road. The reason for helmet laws is due to recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which the data shows for motorcyclists who wear a helmet, the risk of death and serious head injuries in the event of an accident is reduced by 29% in most scenarios.

    Even motorcycle riders who choose to wear a helmet and the best protective riding gear, riders are still at much higher risk of serious injuries if an accident happens, without the same protection the average car has with seatbelts, airbags, and steel frame.

    How You Can Afford a Local Top-Rated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Maximum Compensation Settlement

    Skilled lawyers for motorcyle accident victims are well aware that every insurance company in the country is a for-profit business, whose main objective is centered around protecting their bottom line, not serving an injury victim's best interest in getting a top compensation settlement award. When a rider gets injured in a motorcycle accident, having the nearest top-rated motorcycle accident lawyer to provide immediate legal advice often makes the difference between getting maximum amount of injury compensation entitled under the law to cover accident-related costs, and leaving money on the table because of common insurance company tactics.

    Finding a good nearby motorcycle injury attorney who will actually put in the full effort for this type of case is not easy on your own, however, our free legal help solves this common problem. No injury victim should ever try and even talk to the insurance company alone, since every insurance provider is only concerned about how much money they can save on a settlement claim they owe. Most local motorcycle accident lawyers now offer a no fee guarantee for injury claims, which means if the attorney can't win a settlement award for a case, all their legal services are 100% free.

    What Injury Compensation Can be Awarded for a Motorcycle Accident?

    When a litigation or negotiation happens with an insurance company or negligent party who caused a rider's injury, our expert local motorcycle accident attorneys are able to help a victim get maximum compensation for:

    1. Past and Future Medical Costs: Motorcycle injury victims have legal rights to get full monetary compensation to cover emergency room visits, hospital care, surgery, rehab and physical therapy, when the injury sustained is directly due to the riding accident.
    2. Lost Income or Work Wages: Victims of motorcycle accidents are entitled to receive compensation for work wages they would have earned if the victim had not been hurt in the accident that happened. Injured motorcyclists can receive full compensation for the total time period they could not work in order to recover after the accident.
    3. Pain and Suffering: Since many hurt motorcyclists might not be offered PIP insurance by providers, injured riders and passengers have the legal right to file a lawsuit to claim compensation that will cover pain and suffering after an accident happens. In order for a good motorcycle accident lawyer to properly assess the maximum value amount of how much pain and suffering compensation a victim is entitled to under the law, injury details along with the duration of time and pain extent, will all be valid factors in the total lawsuit settlement calculation.
    4. Loss of Consortium: The absolute worst motorcycle accident case scenario is when a death has occurred. In these type of devastating accident cases, the surviving spouse of a motorcyclist or passenger has a legal right to get maximum compensation which covers loss of services, assistance, aid, society, and companionship of a loved one when a wrongful death was the result of a motorcycle accident. Moreover, in many cases parents of a motorcycle accident victim have a legal right to receive compensation for the loss of love, and companionship of their minor children due to the wrongful actions of another individual that caused death after an accident. Similarly, minor age children of a motorcyclist or passenger can legally claim compensation settlement awards for the loss of services, assistance, aid, society and companionship of a parent, due to the parent's death caused by another person's improper actions.
    5. Mental Anguish Coverage: Both an injured motorcycle accident victim and a rider's family is also legally entitled to receive monetary compensation for emotional pain and distress experienced after the accident took place. Some of the most common symptoms of emotional suffering after a motorcycle accident include feelings of nervousness, embarrassment, worry, grief, and fear - all of which an injured rider has a legal right to receive compensation.

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