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Truck Accident Lawyer for Maximum Injury Compensation in Least Amount of Time

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    Any truck accident that involves a commercial truck, for example an 18 wheeler or big rig tractor trailer, the chances are far more likely there will be major injuries involved than a typical car accident victim will experience. What many people are unaware of today, is truck accidents make up a large number of all motor vehicle injury accidents and fatalities every year caused by truck drivers - which is considered anyone operating a large vehicle that requires a CDL license to legally drive.

    Since trucks are significantly larger in size than average passenger cars and SUV vehicles, navigating around a large truck is one of the most dangerous everyday driving problems that drivers of regular passenger cars have to deal with on the road in every state of the country. With the incredible growth of online shopping and major companies like Amazon expediting shipping to customers throughout the country by utilizing a record number of trucks, there is now more truck traffic on the road and highway today than ever before that consequently increases the odds of an injury by truck accident to happen.

    If you or a loved one are hurt after getting into an accident with a truck, first seeking the free legal advice and service of the nearest expert truck accident lawyer in your location will become critical to get maximum compensation for an injury under the law. Since nearly every truck driver today most often has an insurance coverage policy in the millions, this means that more than just a truck driver can be held legally and financially responsible for a driver’s accident.

    When a commercial vehicle injury victim has a top truck accident lawyer by their side as soon as possible, it will help ensure a compensation claim is handled properly from the start by protecting a victim's rights to get the most amount of settlement money under local and state injury law. The reason why the best truck accident attorney is so crucial to getting a top injury settlement award, is because pinpointing the numerous different lines of insurance is often legally complex in trucking accidents.

    In many injury claim accident cases involving commercial vehicles or a CDL license, both the truck and attached trailer are often insured by separate companies, which means both the trucking company and trailer company are most likely each legally liable of guilt of negligence in the accident.

    A free online truck accident injury review will help a victim learn the many legal options to claim a maximum settlement amount for you or a loved one after a truck accident happens. Filling out a no-cost truck accident review form online allows our best local Injury Law Rights team of lawyers, investigators, and expert witnesses to be in an informed position with case details to assist a trucking accident victim with a compensation case.

    Top 3 Steps How a Truck Accident Lawyer Will Get an Injury Victim Maximum Compensation

    1. Gather all important documents regarding the truck accident and victim injuries.
    • First, a skilled truck accident attorney will collect and review all records regarding an injury claim which includes medical records, medical bills, and insurance company policy information.
    • The legal importance of reviewing accident related documents is vital for an injury claim, because these records will help a good truck accident lawyer know the true long- term effects of an injury to expect. With this information, your attorney can then put forth the best legal fight to get a maximum settlement award for ultimate monetary compensation in the shortest amount of time.
    1. Review all truck accident details and thoroughly investigate evidence.
    • Injury Law Rights truck accident attorneys and legal staff begin every accident compensation claim by carefully reviewing the commercial vehicle accident in great detail, to ensure it will benefit a victim's legal case to claim a top monetary settlement.
    • Injury lawyers protect a victim's rights after an accident with a truck by also looking at dashcam footage, security camera footage, police report & officer paperwork, witness details, and investigate any additional information that will help win a compensation case fast as possible.
    1. Negotiate a truck accident compensation settlement offer with an insurance company or defense attorney to ensure the most amount entitles under injury law.
    • A truck accident attorney will always try to expedite getting a top settlement offer by attempting to negotiate with the trucking insurance company or defense lawyer instead of going to court, to help get a truck injury victim compensation without having to wait long.
    • In trucking accident settlement cases when a negotiation for maximum compensation is not a satisfactory top settlement offer, Injury Law Rights attorneys next step in the legal claims process is going to court and win the case outright to ensure a top monetary settlement is awarded.

    Review Who is Legally Liable to Sue for a Truck Accident Lawsuit

    Today, the average load of a commercial truck can weigh 80,000 lbs on a typical transport for delivery.  Due to this large size and weight of a semi truck, the truck colliding with another vehicle has a high likelihood of causing serious injury, which sadly in many cases are fatal injuries. Getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle often results in legal liability for the truck driver, the owner of the trucking container being transported, and also including the owner of the items loaded inside of the trailer.

    What this means as far as legal liability is concerned to receive compensation, when you or a loved one gets in an accident with a truck, you have the legal right to get full compensation for injuries by filing an injury claim lawsuit against every responsible party. Since multiple lawsuits can be filed to sue those held legally responsible after a truck accident, it is imperative to contact a nearby top-rated truck accident attorney with Injury Law Rights.

    Our local CDL accident injury lawyers have a proven track record of experience winning truck accident lawsuit cases, who will help you sue and receive the maximum recovery amount of monetary settlement award in the least amount of time. Call us 24 hours 7 days a week for a free truck accident case review at 855-633-0888 to receive an injury case quote for the highest amount of compensation a truck injury is worth.

    Will Insurance Cover a Truck Accident Injury Settlement?

    In all truck accidents and collisions with a CDL vehicle, federal rules require over the road (OTR) trucks to have certain levels of insurance coverage policies, which is dependent on the type of items that are being hauled inside of the trailer. 2020 trucking laws in every state today now mandate a semi truck and it's trailer to carry a much higher minimum liability insurance policy than an average passenger vehicle is required.

    What happens after a truck accident in many cases, both the truck hauling company, and company that leases the tractor trailer will dispute over which party's insurance provider is legally responsible for compensating an injury victim after a truck accident occurs. This is when a skilled accident attorney utilizes current 2020 federal regulations that protect a truck accident injury victim's rights by helping to ensure ultimate financial and medical coverage.

    Every truck accident compensation case is won and settled by proving the primary legal reason of liability is negligence. This means any victim hurt in an accident with a truck or CDL vehicle must prove the truck driver, trucking company, or trailer owner was legally liable for the accident. In order to win a trucking accident lawsuit or compensation settlement claim, the lawyer for a person injured in a commercial truck accident must prove these 3 crucial details:

    1. The truck driver and/or hauling company failed to use a reasonable degree of caution to avoid injury, including improper maintenance of the commercial vehicle involved in the collision.
    2. The truck driver did not exercise reasonable care while driving around other cars or people, which may have prevented the accident from happening in the first place.
    3. Any of the accident lawsuit defendants failure to utilize reasonable precaution was the underlying reason of an injury suffered by a truck accident victim.

    What are the Most Common Reasons Why Truck Accident Injuries Happen?

    There are many reasons why a truck can cause an accident involving another vehicle or person. That being said, certain reasons are far more of a common factor for a truck accident injury happening than others such as driver error, weather or road conditions, and defective mechanical or hauling equipment.

    Truck driver mistakes are the most common reason behind commercial vehicle accidents today, which often vary from from gross negligence to minor traffic collisions. Improper commercial vehicle training or CDL experience is commonly the root cause of truck driver's bad decisions that result in accidents due to changing lanes too quickly, a wide turn, improper merging, distracted driving, and operating too fast for conditions.  Furthermore, alcohol, drugs and road fatigue can all severely impact a CDL driver’s ability to safely drive and stay alert.

    Weather and road conditions are also frequently a major factor in truck accidents. Primarily because a truck and tractor trailer is so large, both are at a much higher risk of things going wrong in bad weather or road conditions. Snow, ice on the road, black ice on a bridge, and poor visibility due to rain or fog are all common factors in commercial vehicle accidents and related injuries.

    Moreover, every type of truck can experience mechanical problems and defective equipment with many of the same type of issues like a passenger car can encounter. However, the most concerning difference with these common problems with trucks, is the chances of them causing injury or even death is drastically increased. Commercial vehicle equipment that is defective or broken such as brakes that fail, is often the culprit of an accident when truck may jack knife, roll over, or when a driver loses control of the truck.

    Contact a Top-Rated Trucking Accident Lawyer and Receive Maximum Compensation

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact the best truck accident attorney near you with Injury Law Rights for a free case review to assess the total monetary claim for damages a victim is owed. Expert local attorneys at Injury Law Rights are experienced in winning personal injury lawsuit cases, and have a proven track record getting maximum compensation for victims of truck accident injuries. Call us today at 855-633-0888.

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