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Types of Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

For employees injured while at work, the federal government affords victims the legal right to have all financial losses from getting hurt on the job covered by workers’ compensation. Every state has its own set rules on how workers’ compensation claims, payments, procedures, and legal process works. This is why when an employee has been hurt at work today, an injury victim needs a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer handling the case early after the accident, who will ensure a worker's rights are protected to get fully compensated as fast as possible.

Construction Site Injuries

The odds of getting hurt working a construction job is extremely high, and why this field of work is one of the most dangerous jobs any person can have today. With constantly using heavy machinery equipment, dangerous work conditions, and exposure to harmful toxic chemicals, construction workers deal with serious hazards at every job site. Both federal and state government have regulated construction jobs to protect labor workers today, but some employers still choose to ignore these rules as a way to cut costs and save time to book future jobs faster. Our Injury Law Rights attorneys have extensive success fighting the complicated legal and medical issues surrounding construction injury lawsuits, holding careless people and companies financially responsible for a hurt worker.

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Railroad Injuries

Railroad workers' compensation attorneys at Injury Law Rights are experienced in handling train-related worker injury cases that include derailments, train crashes, and other types of locomotive collisions. When a rail company chooses to put fiscal concerns above worker or passenger safety, railroad injury lawyers must be utilized to ensure these large train and rail companies are held financially responsible for the injury or death caused by negligence of improper safety precautions.

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Workers' Comp Benefits Lawyer

Getting injured at work can leave a victim with both expensive medical bills and limited ability to work, if at all afterwards. 2020 Workers' Comp laws are designed to make sure a hurt employee is able to pay all medical bills, recover lost income wages, and get maximum disability benefits if being able to return to work is not possible. Even though new 2020 workers' compensation laws are in effect, many employers and insurance companies still fail to offer the necessary full benefits. Our top-rated workers’ compensation lawyers have helped many injured workers claim the monetary damages and highest benefits amount awarded after an on-the-job accident.

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